General Question

Lady Liberty SA is a Social Justice and Advocacy Platform that seeks to extend access to justice to margenalised women. We do this via our mobile legal office that visits communities as well as via digital platforms such as SMS, USSD and a Mobile Application.

Do I qualify to get legal services pro bono?

Lady Liberty SA will conduct a ‘mean’s test’ in order to ascertain if you qualify. This test entails an analysis of your earnings, assets and liabilities.

What services do you offer to individuals?

  • +-30 minute legal consultation sessions
  • Written legal opinions
  • ‘Matching & referring’ your case to a Lawyer for pro bono resolution (where applicable)

How can I get assistance if I do not qualify for pro bono legal services?

Based on the outcome of your mean’s test and what you can afford, Lady Liberty SA will calculate and offer you our services at fees you can afford or we will endeavor to refer you to any of our network partners who are possibly able to assist you for less or nothing.

Does Lady Liberty also help men?

Yes we do!

While we focus on helping margenalised women who live in remote and rural areas, we do not discriminate against men, especially since most men are affected by the same legal issues such as child maintenance, divorce, domestic violence etc.

Prepuchase Question

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